Delicious Tokachi foods supported by the fertile land

Indulging in food and spectacular sceneries in Tokachi, the farming frontier of Japan!

Tokachi, the largest farming area (approx. 3,600㎢) in Hokkaido, is an enormous plain surrounded by 2000-meter-high mountains with the Hidaka mountains to the west and Daisetsuzan to the north where you can enjoy the magnificent sense of openness unique to Hokkaido. One of the key attractions is the agricultural and livestock products raised on the soft, nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil with the longest daylight hours in the country. People come to enjoy the rich cheese made from high-fat raw milk in Tokachi, where the majority of natural cheese in Japan is produced.


Regional foods

Cheese created in a rich natural environmentCheese created in a rich natural environment

Amazing combination with Tokachi vegetablesAmazing combination with Tokachi vegetables


Tokachi Raclette Cheese Moor Wash is one of the few cheeses in the world to use hot spring water. A unique method to fully draw out the umami of the cheese is to wash it in spring water (moor springs) that includes fermentation extract from Tokachi vegetation. Along with special cheeses, there is nothing more luxurious than eating fresh vegetables grown in Tokachi.

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Tokachi bread has a full wheat flavor (top); High-quality Tokachi beef (bottom)Tokachi bread has a full wheat flavor (top); High-quality Tokachi beef (bottom)

In Tokachi, you can enjoy fascinating regional foods that are unique to the area, including delicious-smelling Tokachi Bread made from 100% Tokachi-grown wheat, Tokachi Wine that has a balanced acidity from Tokachi-grown grapes, Tokachi Beef raised on the cool green land, as well as desserts using Tokachi-grown adzuki beans.


A calm scene typical of TokachiA calm scene typical of Tokachi

The grand nature of Tokachi has a different appearance in each of the seasons. In spring, the plants bloom, in summer the crops bend with fruit, and in autumn you can enjoy the dynamic harvest scenery that includes large agricultural machinery. The winter scene is particularly special as the wintery ground is covered in snow in a freezing -25° atmosphere which creates a magical world of diamond dust and glaze ice.

Magical Tokachi clear skies and glaze iceMagical Tokachi clear skies and glaze ice


A picnic in the fields of TokachiA picnic in the fields of Tokachi

A new day-trip location for relaxation and foodA new day-trip location for relaxation and food

Tokachi Garden Spa, one of the few plant-origin moor springs in the world, is a hot spring that you can enjoy in swimwear. In recent years, in particular, a popular activity is to visit the fields with a guide to learn about food and farming on a "Field Guide Tour" where you can taste fresh vegetables harvested there and then. You can also enjoy a cheese and ham making experience.

Sightseeing routes

The world's only Banei Horse RacingThe world's only Banei Horse Racing

Moor springs are famous as beauty bathsMoor springs are famous as beauty baths

Tokachi has many different attractions so visitors can enjoy the area in different ways. Enjoy Tokachi wine at Ikeda Wine Castle, or relax your body and mind in the Tokachi river hot springs, or enjoy the history of Tokachi pioneers and racing spectacles at the world's only Banei Horse Racing. A unique Tokachi welcome that will stay with you forever is waiting for you.


Story Book Catalog

Story Book Catalog

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